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The horny layer consists of keratin as bricks and lipid lamellars as cement to attach the keratins firmly.
Keratin composed of proteins holds NMF factors attracting the water molecule(H2O) and Lipid lamellars contribute to healthy skin mantle to prevent the TEWL(Trans Epidemal Water Loss).


◉ Healthy Horny Layer Poor Horny Layer ◉

NMF factors : Protein(Amino Acids), Mucopolysacharide, Sodium PCA, Urea, Minerals
Lipid factors : Ceramide Complex, Cholesterol, Linoleic Acid






세라마이드 소프트 크림

Ceramide Soft Cream (120ml)


Specially formulated with a complex of ceramide 1 to 6 to bestow the maximum hydration and protection
for chronic sensitive, dry and allergy prone skin.
Insures a long lasting moisturizing effect with an immediate and pleasant sense of comfort & suppleness


Ceramide complex, Sodium chondroitine sulfate (Mucopolysaccharide), Sodium PCA .Evening primrose extract,Tocopherol





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