◉ Bio Cell White

◉  Bio Cell White Serum(ADSC cytokines)  

Bio Cell White Serum is proved and patented for whitening effect based on its regenerative action for Melasma and Aging Skin.
Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) inhibit melanin synthesis and down-regulated melanogenic Enzymes such as tyrosinase and TRP1.  
Bio Cell White Serum for clinic use is technically formulated with a dual package system of lyophilized white powder and liquid activator to reserve the original property of the ADSC cytokines. Needs to be stored in refrigerator or freezer


◉ Bio Cell Hair

◉ Bio Cell Hair Serum(ADSC cytokines)  

Adipose-derived Stem Cell secreting cytokines such as VEGF, PDGF, HGF, FGF, KGF-2, SCF, NGF are responsible for promoting human hair follicle cell proliferation and follicle vascularization to stimulate human hair growth
J.Clin. Invest. 107:409-417 (2001)

The conditioned medium of ADSC(ADSC-CM) was harvested and evaluated for the stimulatory effects on hair growth. 
ADSC-CM increased the proliferation of DPC and HaCaT cells and was proven to promote hair growths by increasing the proliferation of dermal papilla cells and epithelial cells through modulation of cell cycles, and activiting the anagen phase in hair cycles.


◉ BIO CELL Active C

◉ Whitening Effect  ◉
▶ L-Ascorbic Acid : : C6H8O6 ---> Weight 176.0932
Pure vitamin C, the smallest molecule exerting the real bioactive functions in the skin. In vitro, L-Ascorbic Acid had the best antioxidant potential than other derivatives. Skin Res Technol. 2008 Aug;14(3):376-80.

▶ Comparing with Hydroquinone in Melasma
A double-blind randomized trial of 5% ascorbic acid vs. 4% hydroquinone in melasma.
Int J Dermatol. 2004 Aug;43(8):604-7.

Hydroquinone shows the bleaching effect with 93%, side effect with 62.6% and L-Ascorbic Acid does the bleaching effect with 62.5% and side effect with 6.2%. Although hydroquinone showed a better response, ascorbic acid may play a role in the therapy of melasma as it is almost devoid of side-effects.


◉  Correlated Functions of L-Ascorbic Acid & Collagen for Skin Volume  
Vitamin C increases the synthesis of the collagen resulting in the voluminous matrix which contributes to healthier and whiter skin condition.
J Invest Dermatol 2001;116:853-859




Isolation, Culture & Dual Package  of BIO CELL Stem Cell cytokines


Adipose tissue samples are obtained from lipoaspiration/liposuction procedures and take apart the stem cells,then leave them in cultured media. 
Cultured Medium is collected after 72 hours of culture, centrifuged at 300rpm and filtered through a syringe filter. 
The concentration of cytokines and extra- cellular mastix proteins are measured, then freeze-dried to be preserved in safety in the form of lyophilized powder for medical appllication.










Bio Cell White Serum for Home Use (10ml x 6, 30m)


Bio Cell White Serum is proven and patented for whitening effect based on its regenerative action for Aging skin and Melasma.
There have been many clinical applications with Bio Cell White Serum for compensation of skin defects
and wound healing and abnormal skin pigmentation.


Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5(Syn®-Coll)
Glycerin, Sea Water, Arbutin, Giga White






Bio Cell White Cream (30ml)

Bio Cell White Cream is proven and patented for whitening effect.
It is fortified with Alpha Arbutin which is 10 times stronger in whitening effect than the beta type.
Highly concentrated bio-peptides contribute to cell renewal and increase the moisturization level between extracellular matrix.


Alpha Arbutin, Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8(Argireline, Pentapeptide-3,
Tripeptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Simmondsia Chinesis(Jojoba) Seed Oil, Prunus Armeniaca(Aprocot) Kernel Oil






Bio Cell Infused Mask (25ml)

Bio Cell Mask is infused with specially functioning serum proteins and other active ingredients.
It is specially formulated in a unique delivery system for an occlusive dermal transfer to infuse the active ingredients effectively to the deeper skin layers.
It is fortified with Alpha Arbutin which is 10 times stronger in whitening effect than the beta type.


Algae Extract, Mineral Water, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract,Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Extract,Royal Jelly, Arbutin, Rose Extract, Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract





Active Silky C Serum (10ml x 6)


Whitening for day and night, Immediate soothing and hydration due to Hyaluronic Acid and Caviar Extract


Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, Caviar Extract, DNA Componets, Sodium Hyaluronate





Bio Cell Hair Serum (10ml x 6)

The formula for Home Use is already mixed and the specially functioning serum proteins are preserved by being capsulated in nano loposomes. Apply the serum onto the scalp using an adjuster.


Human Adipose Derived Stem Cell Medium Extract, Copper Tripeptide-1,
Panax Ginsing Root Extract, Cysteine Panthenol, Zinc Sulfate, Lecithin, Camphor,
Peppermint Extract, Herbal Plant Complex.






Silanol Hair Shampoo (250ml)

Silanediol Salicylate inhibits the sebum activating enzyme, '5α-reductase' and is proven for anti hair loss.
By combining with Menthol, it improves the scalp micro circulation, purifies blemishes,
and refreshes the hair. Ideal for all skin type of scalp especially the seborrhea with excessive sebum,
itching sensation and dandruff.
Its pH 5.5 recovers the pH of scalp to the normal state to maintain a good and healthy scalp.


Silanediol Salicylate, Mentha Piperita(pepermint oil)





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