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  • Alginate Mask

Seaweed from Brittanny France

Alginate Masks from seaweeds contain minerals, trace-elements, Alginic Acids, Mucopolysacchride, holistic vitamins, and proteins.
The composition of minerals and trace elements in Algae exactly matches those in human plasma.
This mask is recommended to replenish the nutrients supply all skin types including problem skin.
Also, ideal for helping the wound healing process in injured skin as well as in Meso Injection.
  • Information
  • Alginate Mask
  • ◉ Meso Alginate Mask (750g)
  • Good for post peel and post meso-Injection.
    Cleanses & soothes all residues after aesthetic skin care.Rebalances & repairs skin health
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Brown Seaweed), Laminaria digitata
  • ◉ Marine Sediment Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae and Marine Sediment for Acne & Oily skin with redness.
    Calms down redness and Controls sebum production.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Marine Sediment
  • ◉ Spirulina Cooling Mask (750g)
  • Good for irritated, Sensitive & Oily prone skin. Cryogenic action to soothe redness effectively.
    Firming action with Spirulina stimulates cells vitality and renewal of firming tissues.
    Moisturizing action regulates water balance for suppler and smoother skin.
    *Spirulina : It is amongst the seaweeds, the species which contains the highest level of amino acids and proteins. It also contains Vitamins A and E.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Spiruline(Blue seaweed)
  • ◉ Tea Tree Cooling Marine Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae & Teatree Oil for Acne & Greasy skin Improves Acne problem immediately and its hydration through cells maintain skin health and beauty.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Teatree, Willow bark
  • ◉ Lavender Marine Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae & Lavender oil soothes and moisturizes Dry Sensitive skin.
    Protective action by reinforcing the hydrolipidic film of the skin and cells membranes.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Lavender, Rosemary Oil
  • ◉ Omega-3 Marine Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae & Essential fatty acdis. Good for severe Dry, Aging skin, and for instant beauty.
    Degreases trans-epidermal water loss by reinforcing the lipidic film that covers the keratin of the horny layer.
    Recovers healthy skin : Omega-3, unsaturated vegetal fatty acids are rich in the healthy human epidermin layers, can help the skin recover to its healthy condition.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Olive oil, Alpha-linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid
  • ◉ Acerola Marine Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae and Acerola extract / Good for Melasma and dull skin.
    Helps to brighten,and protect skin. Excellent Anti-Oxidant.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Acerola
  • ◉ Anti-PIH Mask (750g)
  • Mixture of Algae and Depigmentation complex / Good for Melasma Skin & preventing PIH after peeling.
    Inhibitions of melanin.
    The synergic action of the plant extracts combined with algae inhibits the melanin synthesis by deactivating the tyrosinase enzyme.
  • [Ingredients]
    Alginate(Seaweed), Mulberry, Licorice, Vitamin C
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