◉ The Books 'Medical Skin Care'


You can find valuable information about skin care and spa treatment in these books ‘Medical Skin Care & Spa I’ and ‘Medical Skin Care II’ .
Theraderm’s founder MS Youngmi Kim wrote these books to establish theoretical foundation for skin care as well as to train doctors with empirical program development. Based on research and development with foreign specialist, Theraderm choose the most suitable products and provide them to our valued customers.




Madical Skin Care & SPA 1

First edition was published in 2002 and reprinted in 2013,
Second edition was printed in 2005


Chapter I  : Structure of Skin
Chapter II : Problem Skins
Chapter III : Skin Aging
Chapter IV : Peeling
Chapter V : Obesity


Madical Skin Care 2

First edition was published in 2003, and 2004


Chapter I : Medicines for medical skin care

Chapter II : Formula of topical skin care

Chapter III : Herbal Medicine

Chapter IV : Anatomy of Herbal Plant


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