Theraderm is validated in worldwide Medical Skin Care!


Introduced to foreign doctors learning skilfull information from Korean ones,
Therderm’s powerful effects have been diffused to the world. Our stem cell products for whitening(Bio Cell White) and hair growth(Bio Cell Hair) received sensational and impressive responses in Asia Dermatology Congress held in October 2008.
Since then Theraderm’s overseas market has expanded rapidly with many countires on the distribution network. Currently, Theraderm products are being distributed to Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Sweden, India, UAE, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Libya, Egypt, Cyprus, Poland, Slovenia, Czech, UK and Turkey.



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◉ International Activities


WCD 2011, SEOUL/ KOREA - 25~29 May.2011
WCD 2011, SEOUL/ KOREA - 25~29 May.2011
Theraderm in Sweden
Theraderm in Sweden
Theraderm in Sweden
Theraderm in Sweden
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